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The new home for Creators

PUBLC is built to help your content reach its fullest potential, and enable you to monetize it based on its real worth.


A search engine built with Creators in mind

In the internet of today, content creators like you have to pay Facebook to reach all their followers, they need to create their content to match Google's SEO, and have to fill their websites with ads and banners just to earn a few cents.

PUBLC is here to change all that.

PUBLC is built to maximize the reach of your content and enable you to categorize it based on how it should be found. You can create your content freely, without thinking about SEO and PUBLC will pay you for what you should be paid for, which is for Your content.

Supporting all Creators

Are you a different creator? 

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Share your content with the World

There are countless people out there that could be interested in your content, but they don't know you exist.

On PUBLC your content appears on the most relevant pages, gaining exposure to the right people, in the right context, bringing them one click away from your site.


NO SEO - You categorize your Content


PUBLC gives you the power to optimize the reach of your content.

There's no need to play SEO games anymore; you can simply index your content to the related topics and search terms that describe it best.

Rather than wasting time and energy

on keyword stuffing and other SEO-related pains, PUBLC frees you to focus on the things you love - Creating great content.

Become a Superstar

How often do you find your content on a search engine's first result page?

On PUBLC, it doesn't matter how many backlinks you have or how much you invested in SEO, your content's quality is the driving force of your success. 

Regardless of whether you're a big publisher or a small blogger, if users like your content it'll be right there at the top. 

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Monetize your Content

We believe content creators like yourself are creating immense value for the web, which is mostly undervalued. That's why we strive to create a substantial revenue model that is bigger than anything else online, and have creators rewarded for what they should - Their Content. 

Every time a user clicks and views your content you get rewarded for it. Why? Because you should. As simple as that. 

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How it works


Add the URLs of your content or website and categorize it


Verify your domain and withdraw your earnings

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Earn tokens for every click on your content 


Use your earnings on PUBLC or exchange for Crypto or regular currency.

Be part of a new Web Ecosystem 

PUBLC brings together the different actors of the ecosystem, each contributing their part in building PUBLC, and each getting rewarded for it. We are creating a collective effort to change the web.

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Let's get started!

 Join a community of creators like yourself from around the world and start your new journey to the web.

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