Has Google ever paid you? 

We reward the creator everytime their content is viewed.


Because without you, there is no web.

Our mission is to give you back control

Imagine if Google and Pinterest had a baby...
that grew

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PUBLC is a universal

visual discovery search engine that shares up to 90% of its revenue, giving back control to those who deserve it - You and the Community.

For a fair web community. 

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What our publishers say

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Sharon Heinrich, Paris chez Sharon

Not only is PUBLC a great way to get my brand discovered, it's also been an easy way to diversify my business income. I've been very happy with the extra income that I've received for the time spent categorizing my content."

As a blog without advertising, PUBLC has already totally transformed my business model, allowing me to solely focus on the content I love to create while being better.remunerated than any other source.

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