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Has Google ever paid you 


Google generates 10s of billions of dollars every year from search and the intrusive Ads that are overthrowing your content - how much of that did you earn?

Imagine if Google and Pinterest had a baby...
that grew 


PUBLC is a new platform that creates a more engaging search experience and shares 90% of its revenue with those who deserve it - You and the Community.

We reward the creator everytime their content is viewed.


Because without you, there is no web.

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Introduction for Publishers & Bloggers 

A new revenue model for publishers 

PUBLC generates revenue for publishers from all over the world aiming to create the only revenue model that you would ever need, earning exclusively from your content.

Worth of PUBLX tokens released 



Worth of tokens were distributed to publishers  


Publishers average reward per click 

What our publishers say

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Not only is PUBLC a great way to get my brand discovered, it's also been an easy way to diversify my business income. I've been very happy with the extra income that I've received for the time spent categorizing my content.

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What now?

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Keep creating your content,

the way you do it best.

And then simply share it with us.

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Want to know more?

Have questions?

We are here to support you.

Book a virtual coffee with us! We'd love to chat :) 

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