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Take your music


Reach new audiences, engage with your fans, and generate revenue. 

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

A search engine built with Musicians in mind.

Today, more than ever the music world needs the online space.

If before the online space merely complemented the live space of concerts, events and festivals now it's becoming the musicians' main source of engagement with fans and revenues. 

PUBLC is here to help you boost your online game.


As a new kind of search engine PUBLC aims to organize the music content of the web and create a new experience for users looking to find and discover music and artists, while also generating a new revenue model that could sustain the music ecosystem.

Share your music with the world

You have already created your music and uploaded it to your favorite streaming platform, now it's time to make it found.

Add your music from SoundCloud, YouTube, and other platforms to PUBLC and go beyond your followers. On PUBLC your music could reach new audiences looking for music like yours, and have them one click away from hearing it. 

Add your channels from: 

  • YouTube
  • 411adc91996c1210c5e38220949e47c4_downloa
  • Spotify
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Reach your perfect audience, no matter what genre

Every genre has its own page, gathering music, articles, and news from across the web.

 Have your music reach the people searching and following your music's genre. 

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Engage your fans through your artist page

Have your music, articles about you on blogs and online magazines, your social media and more, all in one place.

Your artist page is the one destination for all content about you, reaching your fans who can follow it on PUBLC and even take part in building it.

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Monetize your music

With most live events canceled due to COVID-19 and streaming platforms paying musicians pennies (if at all) musicians need to find an alternative revenue source.

We believe musicians like yourself are creating immense value for the web which is mostly undervalued. That's why we strive to create a substantial revenue model bigger than anything else online, and have musicians rewarded for what they should - their music. 

Every time a user clicks and listens to your music you are rewarded for it. Why? Because you should. Simple as that. 

Learn more about our Web Economy 

How it works


Add the URLs to your content and website and categorize them using most relevant terms   


Verify your domain to withdraw your earnings 

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Start earning tokens for every click on your content 


Convert your earnings on exchanges for crypto or regular currency OR spend it on PUBLC's business services 

Be part of a new Web Ecosystem 

PUBLC brings together the different actors of the ecosystem, each contributing their part in building PUBLC, and each getting rewarded for it. We are creating a collective effort to change the web.


Let's get started!

 Join a community of musicians like yourself from around the world and start your new journey to the web.

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