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Reimagining the web economy 

A revenue model rewarding the entire web ecosystem built upon Blockchain and Token Economics

The revenue model of the web is Broken

When the internet was designed they thought about almost everything, but forgot about the money. With a lack of any organic revenue model the internet adopted advertising, which until today remains the primary way of making money online.


While this multi-billion dollar industry is ever growing, almost 70% of it goes to just 3 massive companies, and the rest of the millions of content creators, influencers and users get almost nothing. 

It's time to build a new model, that rewards everyone.


A new revenue model, distributed to the entire Ecosystem

As a platform built by everyone, for everyone, PUBLC is establishing a new revenue model that rewards its community, aspiring to create a new, more equally distributed web economy using Blockchain and token economics, sharing PUBLC’s profits with the entire web ecosystem. 

Introducing PUBLX 

 A virtual Token, with real life value. A system of supply and demand that supports the token value and platform growth.

The tokens are earned by the ecosystem for their contribution in building and promoting the platform, and are tied to the platform’s business services paid in Fiat currency, which gives the token its value and drives its demand.


Take part in changing the Web

You can help build PUBLC and earn PUBLX tokens


Take part in building PUBLC by adding, categorizing and approving content, curating pages, and more.

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Every valid click made on content that you've contributed to will reward you with PUBLX tokens. 

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Exchange PUBLX

The PUBLX token is traded on exchanges where you can exchange it for crypto or regular currencies, or use it on the platform.

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Join PUBLC Web Economy 

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