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Your content deserves more. 

More exposure, more traffic and more revenue.

Working from a Laptop

Introduction for Publishers and Bloggers

A search engine built with Publishers & Bloggers in mind

In the Internet of today, creators like yourself have to pay social media platforms to reach their audiences, they need to focus on writing content adapted to SEO instead of focusing on the creativity of it, and they have to fill their websites with ads and banners just to earn a few cents. 

PUBLC is here to change all that.

PUBLC helps your content get exposure to your perfect target audience, it enables you to optimize your content to search queries without interfering with your creativity, and it generates a new revenue source which pays you for what you should be paid for, which is your content. 

Reach your perfect audience, searching for content like yours

You have designed a beautiful website and created amazing content, now you need to reach the right audience.


By adding your content to PUBLC we will help you reach your perfect audience in the most direct, contextual and visually appealing way.

Screen Shot-Topic.png

Welcome to a new world of search optimization


There's no need to play SEO games anymore; you can simply categorize your content by tagging it to its related topics and search terms that describe it the best.

Rather than wasting time and energy on keyword stuffing and other SEO-related pains, PUBLC gives you the tools that free you to focus on the things you should be focusing on - creating great content.

There is a page for every topic, and every topic has a community

PUBLC combines the best of both worlds;  Search and Social Media.


Every topic has a page on PUBLC that gathers content about the topic from across the web. Each page is built by creators and curators who add and curate the content in order to give the best experience for users from around the world who engage and follow that page.


When you add and categorize your content to different topics on PUBLC, you're joining these global topic pages and allow your content to be seen by their large communities and drive traffic to your website.

Click the links to see how it looks! 

Monetize your content

The content world has always been struggling to find the revenue model to sustain itself. This forces content creators to fill their websites with ads that pollute their websites, place paywalls which limits user engagement and write only about products that would sell through affiliate programs.

We believe there should be another way.


PUBLC's financial model was designed to take the entire web ecosystem into consideration and create a new sustainable revenue model that rewards content creators for what they should be rewarded - their content.

Every time a user clicks and reads your content you are rewarded for it. Why? Because you should. Simple as that. 

How it works


Add the URLs to your content and website and categorize them using most relevant terms   


Verify your domain to withdraw your earnings 

Vector 26.png


Start earning tokens for every click on your content 


Convert your earnings on exchanges for crypto or regular currency OR spend it on PUBLC's business services 

Be part of a new Web Ecosystem 

PUBLC brings together the different actors of the ecosystem, each contributing their part in building PUBLC, and each getting rewarded for it. We are creating a collective effort to change the web.


Let's get started!

 Join a community of content creators like yourself from around the world, and make a difference. 

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