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The new gateway to the web that rewards you

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Discover content

Organize the web

Earn rewards

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And we are changing it.

It becomes harder and harder to discover the endless content of the web.

Users are bombarded with ads they have no interest to see most of the time. 

They are robbed of privacy online and they just let it be so for the lack of a better alternative.

They get no reward for the value they create even though without them there would be no internet as we know it today.  

By using PUBLC you are supporting the entire Web Ecosystem

Every time you use PUBLC to consume content, categorize, share etc., you are rewarding the creators, curators and all the other people who took part in bringing this content to life. And in return, PUBLC rewards You.  

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Meet your new experience of the Web

Imagine going to one place to get all the content you care about - from the latest news on politics, to science, to the new outfit of your favourite celebrity, to the trending cat video. On PUBLC you can follow the things that interest you, and get content about them on your personal feed.

Beautifully designed and collaboratively organized by people like you. 

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Personal Web Feed

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Visually Appealing

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Organized in Topic Pages

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No intrusive advertising

Fuelled by its own token economy 

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PUBLC's revenue model rewards the entire web ecosystem without selling our user data to advertisers and thus creating a whole new web economy, built by everyone for everyone.

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Become a curator

PUBLC is a platform that combines Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence, as we believe harnessing people's insight is key to reaching new advances in text understanding and search. 

Most search engines rely heavily on text analysis, categorizing the content based on the keywords appearing in the text. We think there is much more to it

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Improve the discoverability of content

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Teach PUBLC AI how to improve categorizations

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Earn for every click on the content you categorized

When you categorize content on PUBLC you...
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Win-win scenario

Take part in the new web economy, help organize the web by building PUBLC and get rewarded for the value you create. 

Take part in building PUBLC by adding, categorizing and approving content, curating pages, and more.

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Every valid click made on content that you've contributed to will reward you with PUBLX tokens. 

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The PUBLX token is traded on exchanges where you can exchange it for crypto or regular currencies, or use it on the platform.

Exchange PUBLX
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Let's get started!

 Join a community of users like yourself from around the world and start your new journey to the web.

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