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A search engine built with Users in mind.

The internet is doubling in size every two years, making the content almost infinite, but we still struggle to find content that truly interests us. We scroll through our social media feeds just to get the same content from the people we already know. And through all that experience we get bombarded with ads collecting our data and tracking our every move. 

It's time for a change.

PUBLC is creating the next step in our online evolution. A platform introducing a new experience of discovering the content we care about, made by sources we never knew existed. All fuelled by the revenue model that rewards the entire web ecosystem, without selling our data to advertisers, and creating a web economy built for everyone.

Explore the endless Web

PUBLC is redefining the way we search and discover online content.


Visually beautiful, organized based on your interests, and ranked by people like you - pushing the best content to the top.

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Expand your horizon

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There are so many things that could interest us, but we don’t know exist. 

PUBLC enables you to discover new DJs from your favorite genre, amazing travel destinations for your next trip, or even delicious recipes for your dinner party.

Build your personal feed of the Web

Imagine going to one place to get all the content you care about - from the latest news on politics, to science, to the new outfit of your favourite celebrity, to the trending cat video. On PUBLC you can follow the things that interests you, and get content about them on your personal feed.


Over your morning coffee, on a break from work, while waiting for the bus, scroll through the trendiest content tailored to your personal taste.


Use PUBLC and support the Web Ecosystem

Every time you consume content on PUBLC, the creators, curators and all the other people who took part in it are rewarded. 

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Let's get started!

 Join a community of users like yourself from around the world and start your new journey to the web.

Take part in changing the Web

You can help build PUBLC and earn PUBLX tokens

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Every valid click made on content that you've contributed to will reward you with PUBLX tokens. 

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Exchange PUBLX

The PUBLX token is traded on exchanges where you can exchange it for crypto or regular currencies, or use it on the platform.

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Take part in building PUBLC by adding, categorizing and approving content, curating pages, and more.