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The Currency of the New Web Economy 



90% of all tokens reward the ecosystem

$800,000 worth of PUBLX distributed to the ecosystem

175M PUBLX in circulation

The revenue model of the web is Broken

When the internet was designed they thought about almost everything, but forgot about the money. With a lack of any organic revenue model the internet adopted advertising, which until today remains the primary way of making money online.

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While this multi-billion dollar industry is ever growing, almost 70% of its revenue goes to just 3 massive companies, and the rest of the millions of content creators, influencers and users get almost nothing. 

It's time to build a new model, that rewards everyone.

A new revenue model, distributed to the entire Ecosystem

As a platform built by everyone, for everyone, PUBLC is establishing a new revenue model that rewards its community, aspiring to create a new, more equally distributed web economy using Blockchain and token economics, connected to the platform's real life revenue models that generate demand for the PUBLX token.

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Token distribution through Usage

When the PUBLX token was launched, 100B tokens were minted and deposited into PUBLC’s Token Reserve. There was no token sale, and no tokens were pre-allocated to any party. The only form of distribution to circulation is as rewards to the ecosystem for value provided, triggered by clicks on content and split based on the revenue share. 

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Up to 60% reward for publishers hosting and curating their own content

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40% Content Creators

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10% Content Curators

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10% Content Platforms

The creators of the content who earn for the consumption of it, paid per click. 

Users who are categorizing content on PUBLC and therefore helping to organize the web. 

The platforms hosting the content, enabling it to exist on the web (e.g. YouTube, Instagram, etc.)

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10% Topic Pages

Celebrities and brands whose popularity attracts users to their PUBLC pages.

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10% PUBLC Labs

The company in charge of developing the platform and technology.

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10% PUBLC Foundation

A non-profit foundation who’s in charge of promoting the platform and supporting the ecosystem.

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10% Users

Users who are active on the platform and perform different actions that add value.

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10% Liquidity Providers

Investors who deposit liquidity to our DeFi model that enables the growth of PUBLC’s economy.

Coming Soon

A system of supply and demand

A circular token model that grows in value as the platform grows, creating scarcity and demand

Token Reserve
Payment for services

All business services are priced in USD and settled in PUBLX tokens, having the USD paid converted automatically to PUBLX through a Liquidity Pool. The services’ fees are then paid to the Token Reserve, which takes the tokens out of the circulation and creates deflation.

PUBLC rewards the ecosystem for the value they provide to the platform, and is paid by businesses for services provided by the platform.

Rewards to the ecosystem

The tokens are distributed to the ecosystem for their contribution in building and promoting the platform, triggered by clicks on content, and split based on the revenue share.

Business services are paid in Fiat and converted to Crypto

In order to ease the adoption of businesses, PUBLC’s business methodology is adapted to the common practices used throughout the web.


The PUBLC platform will have business services such as advertising, promoted content, brand awareness, e-commerce and more. 


All business services on PUBLC are priced in USD and could be seamlessly paid using traditional methods such as credit cards in fiat. 


While the services are priced in USD, the amount of tokens that they're converted to may change depending on the PUBLX/USD price at the time of transaction. For example, when a business pays $1 per click for promoted content, that could internally be converted to 100 PUBLX if the price of PUBLX is $0.01, or 0.1 PUBLX if the price of PUBLX is $10.


The fiat USD received is converted to a USD stablecoin that is automatically swapped to PUBLX through a liquidity pool at the current market price.


As all of the PUBLX token supply was given to PUBLC’s ecosystem in the first place this creates a mechanism of sharing PUBLC's revenue with everyone, enabling the token holder to exchange their tokens for the USD in the liquidity pool. 

Priced and Paid in Fiat 

Automatically converts USD -> PUBLX  

Always Liquid 

Coming soon

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Ellipse 136.png

Take part in changing the Web

Take part in building PUBLC by adding, categorizing and approving content, curating pages, and more.

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Every valid click made on content that you've contributed to will reward you with PUBLX tokens. 

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The PUBLX token is traded on exchanges where you can exchange it for crypto or regular currencies, or use it on the platform.

Exchange PUBLX
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PUBLX on Crypto Indices

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