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Take your videos to

new heights

Reach new audiences, increase traffic, and earn a new native revenue stream. 

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A search engine built with Vloggers in mind.

In the internet of today, it's challenging to get viewers to your videos. Everyone is chasing subscribers, but expanding your reach beyond them is hard, and even if you do, making decent money from it is even harder. If at all.

PUBLC is here to change all that.

PUBLC is built to maximize the reach of your videos, enabling you to reach the communities engaged with content like yours. Most importantly, PUBLC pays you for what you should be paid for, which is for Your content.

Reach your perfect viewers looking for content like yours

You have already built your channel and created amazing videos, now you need to reach the right audience. 


Add your videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms to PUBLC and go beyond your followers. On PUBLC your videos could reach new audiences looking for videos like yours, and have them one click away. 

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Categorize your

content and maximize 

your reach

PUBLC gives you the tools to optimize the reach of your content.

There's no need to play SEO games anymore; you can simply index your videos to the related topics and search terms that describe it the best.

There is a page for every topic, and every topic has a community

Whether your videos are about Gaming, Beauty or Cryptocurrency, every topic has a page on PUBLC that gathers content about the topic from across the web. Each page is built by creators and curators who add and curate the content in order to give the best experience for users from around the world who engage and follow that page.


When you add and categorize your content to different topics on PUBLC, you're joining these global topic pages and allow your content to be seen by their large communities and drive traffic to your website.

Click the links to see how it looks! 

Monetize your content

Vloggers have always been struggling to find revenue sources to sustain themselves. Big vloggers need to gain millions of monthly views just to make minimum wage, while small vloggers usually don't make the minimum requirements to even earn any money.

We believe there should be another way.


PUBLC's web economy creates a new source of revenue for vloggers rewarding them for what they should be rewarded - their content.

Every time a user clicks and views your videos you are rewarded for it. Why? Because you should. Simple as that. 

undraw_transfer_money_rywa 1.png

How it works


Add the URLs to your content and channel and categorize them using most relevant terms   


Verify your channel to withdraw your earnings 

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Start earning tokens for every click on your videos 


Convert your earnings on exchanges for crypto or regular currency OR spend it on PUBLC's business services 

Let's get started!

 Join a community of Vloggers like yourself from around the world, and make a difference. 

Be part of a new Web Ecosystem 

PUBLC brings together the different actors of the ecosystem, each contributing their part in building PUBLC, and each getting rewarded for it. We are creating a collective effort to change the web.

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