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Search Engine Reimagined

Rewarding the Entire Web Ecosystem.

PUBLC is more open and collaborative search engine enhanced by cutting edge AI technology, that empowers its users and revolutionizes the way people share, discover and monetize the content of the web.

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It's time for a change

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PUBLC Core Components

We’re combining these building blocks to democratize the search engine industry

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Web Economy

Enabling Users, creators and other participants to earn for their contribution



A tokenized financial infrastructure connected to the platform’s revenue models

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Using Large Language Models in PUBLC’s core search logic

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Powered by the smartest engine, You

Organizing the web with the help of its Users

When it comes to text understanding people know best. That’s why PUBLC is combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence and harnesses the users' insight to  categorizing content.

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Creating an experience that goes beyond Search

User Experience


Crawls websites, blogs, channels and organizes them into topic pages and search queries

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Users can follow topics they are interested in and build their own feed of the web


New way to discover music, videos, articles and other content, from across the web


90% of the platform's revenue shared with its ecosystem

User Privacy

Ethically designed and Operated

PUBLC is building the infrastructure that would enable users to have full privacy, security and control over their data, and create trust and transparency between the users and the platform. 

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The network effect is compounded across all ecosystem participants by combining thousands and millions of these small actions that will exponentially grow PUBLC to become a viable alternative to platforms by existing tech giants.

PUBLC blurs the lines between the company, the platform and its users and places everyone on the same side, working together to achieve a mutual goal. Each participant's actions, starting from categorizing content and managing pages to driving traffic add value to the platform.

Bringing together the entire Web Ecosystem

Community Driven


Web Economy


Supply given to the ecosystem and demand coming from businesses

PUBLC’s vision is to create a new web economy that rewards the entire web ecosystem, built upon business fundamentals that create real value.


To achieve this PUBLC is using token economics that creates a new economic model, and leveraging DeFi in order to grow this at scale to an economy of billions of dollars.


Building the financial infrastructure for the next generation of the web

Together with leading DeFi protocols and regulated entities PUBLC is going to launch a Permissioned DeFi model that will combine institutional-grade compliance with an attractive fee structure, rewarding liquidity providers with 10% of the PUBLX tokens released to circulation on top of trading fees. 


(Coming soon)

Let's change the internet together

 Join a community of likeminded people from around the world,

and make a difference. 

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