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Build your brand awareness, engage with your customers and monetize your popularity.

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Showcase your brand 

to the world 

A search engine built with Brands in mind.

In the internet of today, brands need to pay search engines and social media platforms to get awareness, they struggle to create engagement beyond their existing followers and they find it hard to generate revenue and sales.

PUBLC is here to change all that.

We believe brands are an integral part of the web ecosystem. PUBLC is built to help those brands to get exposure in more organic ways, grow engagement within their communities and generate a new source of revenue from their popularity and contribution to PUBLC.

A page all around

Your Brand 

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Today, the content about you is scattered across the web in various websites and platforms. PUBLC gathers all that content into one page. 

Your PUBLC page is the main destination for all content about you.  

Articles, videos and photos about you are connected together, perfectly organized to drive more engagement.

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Grow your online


Have your content appear on the different pages it’s related to and seen by the right people in the right context.  

This will give you exposure to new users and help build your presence in the places that matter.

Reach your followers'

personal Feed

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There is so much content about you created that doesn't reach your fans. 

Establish yourself in users’ PUBLC daily feed and enable your fans to stay up-to-date with content about you, news, product launches and more.

New way to collaborate

with Influencers

PUBLC enables you to boost your campaigns with influencers.  


On PUBLC, influencers' content featuring your brand will reach their page, your page, as well as other related pages. This will maximize the reach of your campaigns to the most relevant users. 

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Monetize your popularity

Popularity is valuable as it creates value for content creators writing about you, it drives user engagement and is a great source of traffic. 

On PUBLC, every time a user clicks on any content within your brand page, you earn revenue for it. Why? Because it is your popularity that attracted that user and you should be rewarded for it. 

Learn more about our Web Economy 

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How it works

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Step 5

Drive traffic to your page


Share your PUBLC page on social media and link to it from your website. 

Build your community 


Invite your fans to follow you on PUBLC and engage them in building your page with you by categorizing the content about you from the web.

Earn PUBLX tokens 

Every valid click made on your page rewards not only you but also the creators of the content and your fans who helped categorize that content.

Verify your page and claim your rewards 


Verify the ownership of your page and withdraw your earned PUBLX tokens.

Use or Exchange your PUBLX

Use your earnings on PUBLC or exchange for Crypto or regular currency.

Be part of a new web ecosystem 

PUBLC brings together the different actors of the ecosystem, each contributing their part in building PUBLC, and each getting rewarded for it. We are creating a collective effort to change the web.


Let's get started!

 Join a community of brands like yourself from around the world and start your new journey to the web.

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