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Not only is PUBLC a great way to get my brand discovered, it's also been an easy way to diversify my business income. I've been very happy with the extra income that I've received for the time spent categorizing my content.

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Add Your Channel to PUBLC and start earning

The search engine we needed

PUBLC is a new gateway to the web built by everyone, for everyone and rewarding everyone.


It creates a more engaging search and discovery experience and shares 90% of its revenue with those who deserve it - You and the Community.

We reward the creator everytime their content is viewed.


Because without you, there is no web.

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A new revenue model for publishers 

PUBLC is establishing a new revenue model that rewards its community, aspiring to create a new, more equally distributed web economy using Blockchain and token economics, sharing PUBLC’s profits with the entire web ecosystem. PUBLC is aiming to create a sustainable revenue model for creators, earning exclusively from their content.

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